History of KACCT:

  • In 1922 the Kansas Association of Community Colleges, forerunner of KACCT, was formed.
  • In 1994 KACCT, a non-profit corporation, was formed to serve our colleges and their locally elected boards in:
    • providing accessible, affordable and quality education for our students.
    • providing educational opportunities and leadership development for trustees, presidents and emerging leaders.
    • coordinating "one voice" advocacy respecting the unique strengths of our colleges, local governance and education to meet our students, communities and partners' needs.

History of community colleges:

  • Colleges authorized by the Kansas Legislature in 1917.
  • Others created in the 1960's by legislative action, local enthusiasm and voter approval.
  • Nineteen colleges are governed by local elected boards. The colleges are supported by local mill levies, state support and student tuition.
  • Coordinating responsibility resides with the Kansas Board of Regents since 1999.


Heather Morgan- Executive Director hmorgan@kacct.org 
Julie Halling- Executive Assistant